"Deciding on a career is no easier now than it ever was for most of us, and two of my sons were faced with this dilemma after graduating from university. A session each with Georgie Landrey has proved absolutely invaluable in helping them to obtain direction, focus and, above all, confidence in the future." A father

"Earlier this year my business was growing at speed but it was running me and I no longer knew what I wanted from it nor where I was going with it. With open questions and a number of carefully selected tools, tasks and activities, Georgie set up a framework for me to help get a clear vision for the future and gain control again determining my key goals and priorities and working out where my strengths and weaknesses lie so as to ensure I build the business strategically around these. Georgie has made a big impact on me and my life in more areas now than just work. She is incredibly talented, so easy to talk to, has a brilliant strategic and analytical brain and I couldn't recommend her highly enough." Property Developer, 33

"It was a great forum to really start pushing a way forward and a catalyst to bring about changes I needed to have in my life." TV Distribution Manager, 34

"Georgie enabled me to unlock the tools to really find myself and explore new options in my career. Using various techniques, Georgie helped me move in the right direction but at the same time she remained objective and always ensured the choices and outcomes were my decision. I would highly recommend Georgie's coaching for anyone struggling to know the best next step in their career." Trainee Grain Trader, 24

"At a time in my life when I needed direction, I found going to see Georgie very useful in reinforcing where my strengths and weaknesses lay in order to effect practical changes in my approach to my career path. Georgie was both professional and focused during our sessions whilst creating a friendly and open atmosphere essential for positive dialogue." Investment Manager, 37

"My sessions with Georgie made a big difference in sorting out my day-to-day affairs. Georgie equipped me with the direction and tools I needed to get things done. I found her coaching technique extremely thorough and encouraging. Georgie has a naturally strong sense of intuition which really helped in steering me in the right direction. Its amazing how a few simple adjustments can be so effective. Whatever the issue is, a few sessions with Georgie will sort you out." Financial Services Business Assistant, 31

"I knew I needed something else in my life and at work. Not knowing where to start has felt overwhelming and like a minefield, and with a busy job and life outside work it has been hard to allocate time for thought and action. Georgie has been an amazing guide and her insights along with The Birkman Method has helped me truly breakdown what will fulfil me in my life and my career so I can now focus on getting there along with a thorough knowledge of how I work best as a person. Having taken other self analysis assessments I can say The Birkman Method really brings direction and understanding." Financial Services, 34

"Georgie helped me reshape my CV from a mess to perfection. She is very experienced in knowing what employers are looking for and her perceptive eye and way with words helped me secure a job that I really wanted. THANK YOU Georgie. I learnt so much from my session with you and will take it forwards with me from now on." Epidemiologist, 34

"Like countless other graduates, entering the 'real' world can seem a daunting prospect, and the vast array of career possibilities are endless. I couldn't decide which career path to take or what would suit me so I turned to Combined Insight to guide me. The Birkman Method is an ingenious and very precise exercise which draws out an individual’s key strengths and weaknesses to highlight the individual's needs, environment and goals, all of which are extremely important components to realising the right career. The Birkman Method along, with a two hour consultation with Georgie, clarified what I needed from a career. After months in the dark I found myself on the straight and narrow with the perfect career path to suit me. The two hour consultation with Georgie gave me a rounded understanding of the results of the test along with helpful career advice and points of contact. With both The Birkman Method and the Consultation I was able to go ahead positively on a clear career route and I quickly found the perfect career as a Fundraising Officer for an extremely prestigious charity." Fundraising Officer, 23

"The Birkman Method gave me so much food for thought it was really useful! It’s amazing how accurate they get with the behaviours and also really helpful to use for my job now as well as the next move – perfect!" Communications Manager, 34

Feedback for the ‘Return to Work’ workshop
"Today both Emma and I attended one of Combined Insight's Return to Work workshops – arriving slightly frazzled, a little chilly and flustered and leaving with a renewed spring in our step. For mothers looking to regain some confidence as they embark back on their careers, or for anyone who's found themselves a bit muddled by life's rigorous complexities the course strips back the layers and rebuilds them to remind you of your strengths, goals, aspirations and abilities and really brought some focus back into my slightly chaotic life. We couldn’t recommend Georgie and her talents more highly – and most interestingly she gives minimum input, but rather just guides you to rediscover your talents and drive. It’s simply a 3 hour step to a brighter, more motivated you and all for the remarkably brilliant price of £50 a head." Cora Partners Recruitment www.corapartners.com/blog

Feedback following a Corporate team workshop using The Birkman Method
"Session excellent - it confirmed everyone in the right roles and team works well. Made everyone talk about their own strengths, weaknesses and needs, so a great way to open discussion. Would use for any new joiner to continue the blend." Ms Seonaid Mackenzie, Managing Partner, Sturgeon Ventures LLP

"I only had one session with Georgie and right after that session I was feeling much more positive about which direction I was taking my career in. I initially thought that I wanted to move away from Quantity Surveying completely after months of unhappiness and questioning whether it was the right career for me. Georgie encouraged me to explore all my options and helped me to realise the root of the problem. It may seem like something I could have worked out on my own but it was great to speak to someone who was completely external from my career and me, and I’m so grateful for Georgie’s advice. I’m now making a sideways move to another consultancy and start next month. I feel so much more motivated, driven and positive about my career than ever before." Quantity Surveyor, 29