Schools and Universities

Students are facing a tougher job market than ever before, with the number of applicants per job soaring from an average of 45 per place to 270 per place. Research undertaken by the UK Council for Graduate Education reveals there is high disillusion amongst final year students about their ability to find a job and a realisation, often too late, that they don't have the right experience. Employers are also finding that even 'the best' students lack employability skills due to lack of experience in the business world. Faced with fierce competition and soaring debt due to the introduction of tuition fees it is not surprising that many students are questioning whether further education is the best course of action.

At Combined Insight we use a combination of coaching and a psychometric profiling tool called The Birkman Method to help students gain insight into themselves, so that they can make informed decisions about their future, secure in the knowledge that they are pursuing the right career path. Specifically we will identify their strengths, their values and motivations, their personality traits and the kind of environment that will make them thrive. The profiling will also identify the stress they will experience if these needs are not met, which can provide invaluable insight for all areas of their lives. In addition to interpersonal behaviour The Birkman Method will also identify which careers will be most fulfilling, the individual's personal work style and their approach to problem solving. We will then combine all this information to enable the student to make an informed choice about the next step in their career.

By identifying their career path early on, students can: