The Birkman Method® is a psychometric questionnaire developed in the 1950s by Roger Birkman, an American psychology PHD graduate. It is based on empirical data and has been taken by over 3 million people worldwide and is now offered by over 2000 consultants globally. Where The Birkman Method® differs to other assessment tools is in its ability to be both descriptive and predictive. It is able to analyze and explain an individual's characteristics, as well as predict how they will behave and perform in certain environments. This leads to greater understanding of performance and greater job satisfaction.

The Birkman Method® identifies your everyday interpersonal styles and gives unique insights into your underlying motivations and needs. It can also identify your stress behaviors when these needs go unmet over time. This will enable you to improve workplace performance and reduce any conflict with colleagues. In addition, The Birkman Method® measures your areas of interest to show the best path for job fulfillment, your preferred management and work styles, your thinking styles and how you approach and solve problems.

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