After 10 years in the advertising industry exploring what motivates people to choose one brand over another Georgie decided to take this passion for understanding people in a new direction. Having experienced coaching firsthand she knew how powerful it could be and was keen to learn more.

In 2010 Georgie completed a Professional Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching with the University of Chester. She then decided to combine her experience of the corporate world with her coaching skills and specialise in Career Coaching. As a result Georgie went on to train as a Birkman Consultant in order to help clients quickly get to the heart of what might be causing them dissatisfaction in their careers and identify how to prevent this in future.

"The more I practise as a coach the more I realise how lucky I am to have a job I truly love. I want others to feel the same satisfaction in whatever career path they decide to follow. I am particularly interested in helping young people choose the right career path as I see so many people dissatisfied with their jobs because they never took the time to truly understand their own motivations and interests. By working with young people we can hopefully create a motivated and energised workforce for the future."   Georgie Landrey